Member organisations


1. Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland
2. 16th street Community health center, USA
3. Canadian Institute of Child health, Canada
4. International Society of Doctors for the Environment
5. Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics
6. Danish Society of Public Health, Denmark
7. Oekologischer AerzteBund Germany
8. Irish Doctors for the Environment
9. Ukrainian Children Special Hospital, Kiev
10. Norwegian Center for Child research .
11. Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
12. Green Doctors (Ukrainian Society of Doctors for the Environment)
13. Children’s Environmental Health Network, USA
14. The George Washington University (Medical Center – Dept. Of Environmental and Occupational Health)
15. Physicians for Social Responsibility, USA
16. Foundation for children from Copper Basin (Fundacja Na Rzecz Dzieci Zaglebia Miedziowego, Poland)
17. World Health Organization- European Centre for Environment and Health, Italy
18. Universita Degli Studi Di Perugia, Italy (Dept. Of Gyn/Ob. And Pediatric Sciences)
19. German Academy of pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (Deutsche Akademie Für Kinderheilkunde und Jugendmedizin)
20. United Nations Environment Programme, Kenya
21. The University of Liverpool, Dept. Fetal & Infant Toxico-Pathology, United Kingdom
22. Studygroup of Environmental and lifestyle factors during pregnancy and outcome of the children – EDAC of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine
23. Foundation Ecobaby, the Netherlands
24. European Environmental Bureau, Belgium
25. Center for Independent Ecological Programs of the Socio-Ecological Union, Moscow, Russia
26. University of Capetown, Child health Unit, South Africa
27. Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF), the Netherlands
28. Hungarian Society of Doctors for the Healthy Environment
29. Organization of Human Rights and Human Relief (IHH)
30. Institut Europeen des Genomutations, France
31. The Development Indian Ocean Network (DION)
32. The Netherlands Association of Youth Health Care (Nederlandse Vereniging Jeugd Gezondheidszorg)
33. Nepal Institute for United Nations and Unesco, Nepal
34. Dutch Association for Environmental Medicine (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Medische Milieukunde- NVMM)
35. Learning and Development Kenya (LDK), Kenya
36. National Association of Physicians for the Environment (NAPE), USA
37. Laurel Springs School, USA
38. Asociacion Argentina de Médicos por el Medio Ambiente (AAMMA)
39. Fundacion Proteger (para el desarrollo sutentable y la salud), Argentina
40. Grupo de Educcadores Ambientalistas (GEA), Argentina
41. Fundacion para la defensa del ambiente (FUNAM), Argentina
42. Allergy and Asthma Federation (Allergia -ja Astmaliito), Finland
43. Aerztinnen und Aerzte fuer eine Gesunde Umwelt, (AEGU), Austria
44. Jersey Child Care Trust, Channel Islands
45. Child Health Policy Group, Jersey, Channel Islands
46. Euroscience Working Group for Technology Transfer, Ukraine
47. University of Leipzig (Umweltforschungszentrum Leipzig-Halle GmbH, University of Leipzig), Germany
48. Institute for medical research and occupational health, Croatia
49. National Rehabilitation and Development Center (NRDC), Lebanon
50. National Association of Hygienists of Albania (NAHA),
51. Northstate Women’s Health Network, USA
52. PLANWEL, Pakistan
53. World Information Transfer, USA
54. International Buddhist Relief Organisation, United Kingdom
55. Perhaps…Kids meeting kids can make a difference,
56. Alliance To End Childhood Lead Poisoning, USA
57. International Socio-Ecological Union
58. Regional Association “Ecology and World”
59. Tula Ecological Association “For Survival”
60. Azerbaijan Green Movement
61. Children’s Disease Department of Irkutsk State Medical University
62. Green Beam Newspaper
63. Chapaevsk Medical Association – Chapaevsk Central Town Hospital
64. Nizniy Novgorod Regional Public Organization “Association of Green Peace Supporters”
65. Institute of Biophysics of Health Ministry of Russian Federation
66. Regional Public Organization “Ural Ecological Union”
67. Union for Chemical Safety, branch of International Socio-Ecological Union
68. Union of Aral and Amudaria Protection
69. “Altai-21 Century” Foundation

70. “Ecocenter” Karaganda Ecological Center
71. Russian Green Movement’s Newspaper “Bereginya”
72. Khmelnitskiy Regional Ecological Legal Organization, Podolsk Ecological Association
73. Foundation of Supporting Civic Initiatives, Russia
74. Regional Public Ecological Movement “In the Name of Life”, Russia
75. Center for Independent Ecological Programs (CIEP)
76. Town Ecological Organization “Mother-86”, Russia
77. Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences
78. International Academy of Ecological Sciences, Human and Environmental Safety
79. Interregional Public Ecological Movement Gatchina-Gatchina Region-St. Petersburg-Kronshtadt
80. Baikal Ecological Wave 81. Children of Baltika
82. Regional Public Voluntary Organization “Green Committee”
83. Kolskiy Coordinating Ecological Center “Geya”
84. Children’s Youth Ecological Organization “Green Sail”
85. Women Initiative Group “Zenan”
86. Institute of Organic Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences
87. Paediatric Clinic, San Paolo Hospital, Milan University, Italy
88. Epidemiology Italian Association
89. Paediatric Clinic, San Matteo Policlinic, Pavia University, Italy
90. Interdisciplinary Research Center for the Promotion of the Health, Siena University, Italy
91. Sperimentary Center for the Promotion of the Health, Perugia University, Italy
92. National Agency for the Environment Protection, Rome, Italy
93. National Institute for Cancer Research, Genova, Italy
94. National Paediatric Association, Italy
95. Farmacolgy Research Center “Mario Negri” of Milan, Italy
96. The Center for Children’s Health and the Environment, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, USA
97. The Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit at the Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta
98. Cyprus Paediatric Society
99. Safe Schools, USA
100. Institute for Children’s Environmental Health, USA
101. Healthy Schools Network, Inc., USA
102. Indonesian Institute for Children Advocacy (Lembaga Advokasi Anak Indonesia)
103. Save the Children Sweden
104. Albanian Ecological Club- International friends of nature
105. Polish Society of Environmental Medicine
106. Gazi University, Faculty of Pharmacy, department of Toxicology, Turkey
107. Pakistan Rural Workers Social Welfare Organization (PRWSWO)
108. Association for Realisation of Basic Needs- Arban
109. The International Society of Tropical Pediatrics, India
110. Center for Health, Environment and Justice, USA
111. Peking University School of Public Health, Beijing, China
112. Institute of Child and Mother Health, Dhaka, Bangladesh
113. The Environmental Health Promotion and development Division Ministry of Public Health
114. Corporacion Para el Desarrollo de la Produccion y el Medio Ambiente Laboral-IFA, Ecuador
115. Institute of Public Health in Pancevo Jugoslavia
116. Environment and Development Foundation, Taiwan
117. EuromoneyforYou, Germany
118. Sanitation, Environment and health P.E.S, Burundi
119. Thanal Conservation Action and Information Network
120. Our Cildren’s Earth Fundation
121. Center PERZENT, Uzbekistan
122. United Nations Children’s Fund, Water, Environment and Sanitation Unit
123. United Nations Environment Programme, New York Office
124. Association of healthy cities of Slovakia
125. Center for Children’s Rights (CCR)
126. Center For Health, Environment and Justice
127. Center for Infancy and Family Research, Universidad Metropolitana, Venezuela
128. Development and Relief Ginger Group “DEREGG”
129. Environment Youth 2K (EY2K)
130. Halley Movement, Mauritius
131. Institute of Child and Mother Health
132. International Society of Tropical Pediatrics
133. Peking University School of Public Health, China
134. People’s Empowerment Organisation
135. Science and Environmental Health Network
136. Section Youth of the European Public Health Association
137. Sun and Sandals, South Africa
138. The Cincinnati Children’s Environmental Health Center
139. The Leicester Children’s Asthma Centre, University of Leicester, UK
140. The McMaster Institute of Environment and Health
141. Youth Challenge
142. Youth Development Organization (YODO)
143. Youth in Focus Foundation-Kenya
144. Central Educational Sevice, Nigeria
145. UPM Serdang, Malaysia

146. “I want to grow healthy”,Lithuania