LEAD WEBINARS 6th and 19th of January 2022

Lead is still a problem in the world. Most specifically for children. How can we make more progress in solving this problem? What are the most urgent interventions? How can we cooperate?

INCHES works in official collaboration with WHO. One of the collaborative tasks is to organize a webinar on lead exposure and children. The aim of this webinar is to discuss the most recent findings of lead exposure (monitoring, identification methods), the level of health effects in children (related to different forms of exposure) and the way forward to reduce this global problem. Last October the International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week was held. We would like to consider some of the highlights of this week in conjunction with the latest scientific progress.

Lead poisoning is still a big problem. Prevent children getting sick.

We made presentations available on vimeo: webinar 6th of January 2022  or webinar 19th January 2022