The past 10th International Conference on Children’s Health and the Environment   


Here are your links to the posters and pre-recorded presentations.

The live-streamed presentations have also been recorded and will be online soon.

Poster presentations

Pre-recorded sessions

Live presentations

It was an important opportunity to share experiences and scientific advances about children’s health and environment. Scientists, Policy Makers, Pediatricians, Nurses, Doctors, Educators, Interest groups participated to this international conference.

The conference had the following objectives:

  • to provide an international forum for the latest research findings in children’s environmental health
  • to define the relationship between environmental contaminants and children’s health
  • to strengthen the importance of prenatal exposure to environmental factors on pregnancy outcome and children’s health
  • to identify opportunities to minimize childhood prenatal and postnatal exposure to environmental contaminants
  • to provide insight in the activities in the field of science and policy interface
  • to build a platform of knowledge at an international level
  • to work together in a multidisciplinary way
  • to develop a greater awareness among health professionals about children’s health and the environment; and
  • to initiate future directions in research in the field of children’s environmental health.




Organising Committee Conference Amsterdam 2020

Scientific Committee Conference Amsterdam 2020

Film Competition 2020  The film competition has been postponed to a later date.