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Children’s health and health outcomes (such as asthma, cancer, lead poisoning).

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8th Conference in Barcelona; 14-16 September 2016. 1st Announcement abstract form INCHES conference coming soon!

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INCHES is an organization which promotes children’s health. This requires protecting them from harmful environmental exposures.

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INCHES has initiated a project (Children’s Health, Environment, Safety Training – CHEST) that developed a training manual on children’s environmental health.

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What is INCHES?

INCHES is a global network of people and organizations interested in promoting the protection of children from environmental and safety hazards. INCHES represents many interests and will speak from the experience and expertise of members of the network, of science and of the best practices in policies and programmes. Promoting children’s health requires protecting them from harmful environmental exposures. These exposures include: harmful physical, chemical and biological microorganisms and pollutants in water, air, soil and food.

Save the date next INCHES conference – 14-16 September 2016 in Barcelona

INCHES will disseminate information and initiate research on the relationship between environmental factors and child health. Solid facts and good examples are made easily available on the Internet as the network develops. Parents, researchers and scientists, children’s organizations, children themselves are all potential partners with a stake in INCHES.
Children are more susceptible to most environmental hazards than previously thought. Children are in a dynamic state of growth, as many vital systems such as the nervous, immune, and respiratory systems are not fully developed at birth. Because children are still developing, exposure to environmental hazards may result in disruption of their normal development and may cause damage.

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